fists of ham

fists of ham


as someone who’s dealt with secondhand cigarette smoke all my life, most likely what caused my asthma

and now having a relative come to live with us who smokes excessively in our garage

(meaning that ten seconds of being exposed to a room that was smoked in hours ago makes it harder for me to breath for the rest of the day)

i understand why people smoke, and i am not just someone who thinks “it’s gross” with a crinkled nose. but i am someone who cannot stand next to a smoker without getting headaches due to oxygen deprivation.

i can honestly say that because you smoke i need to avoid you to live. i am sorry that i have to hate you in order to survive.

my face! also a new shirt!

my face! also a new shirt!



if being 100% gay is playing for the other team then i’d like to imagine being pansexual as playing for every team. you just sort of run around between the in and outfields juggling the extra balls and sit a couple innings in the audience eating a hotdog and eventually everyone starts to question whether you even know how to play baseball or not

Nailed it.

paul rudd, mark wahlberg, jason bateman

seperated at birth??

when i was younger, the word that i considered the most serious to say was “fuck”.

now, i say “fuck” several times a day, and the word that is the most serious thing you can say is “love”.

that, and “cake”.


tell me i’m pretty


You’re super pretty.


tell me i’m pretty


Because I can’t send pictures to you by reblogging my ask or anything on mobile, aquamarinist
It’s fine anyways, you don’t actually have to. Just thought I’d help jog the memory

: o ohhh, okay. yeah. i don’t actually do that stuff anymore, really.

So seeing as you made that post on making a sound pack alllll the way back in 2012 (the one with SBURB, SGRUB, and Midnight Crew), did you just not make it? I tried looking for it but I haven't seen any updates from you on it. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough...

owo; i actually don’t remember what you’re talking about? so i’m going to guess i never made it. sorry! i tend to take on more than i actually accomplish.

Hi. Sunbaby requires a lullaby, who do you send and what do they sing?

i send jim carrey singing the american national anthem

Sorry, babe. I’m only in it for the love and support.
The Asexual Heartbreaker
in seven days god created the universe

dude’s been afk ever since